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A Calendar of Events for Biblical and Religious Studies
Events that are of interest to SBL members may be submitted to Eric McDonnell. Inclusion in the calendar does not constitute an endorsement by SBL of the event. Minor editorial revisions may be made for stylistic purposes or the sake of brevity. Submissions must include either a website link or email link for more information.

April 2024
4/1–4/4 SBL Global Virtual Meeting
The SBL Global Virtual Meeting is back for its second year in 2024! As a meeting designed from the ground up for a virtual environment, it can offer experiences, opportunities, mentoring possibilities, presentation formats, and accessibility that are not possible in an in-person meeting. This means emphasizing the possibilities of both live and asynchronous participation, as well as exploring new modes of participation that differ from those of past SBL meetings.
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4/11–4/13 Institute for Signifying Scriptures 20th Anniversary Meeting
Please join the Institute for Signifying Scriptures (ISS) for a special 20th Anniversary Meeting, focused on "Marronage" and also celebrating the 25th anniversary of the African Americans and the Bible conference, taking place in person and with hybrid, online options, in Atlanta, GA, from April 11-13, 2024. You can listen to monthly podcasts about the past and future of ISS as well as register for the conference via the ISS website,
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4/18–4/21 Association of Ancient Historians Annual Meeting
The 2024 Association of Ancient Historians Meeting will be held April 18–21 at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. This meeting will mark the 50th anniversary of the AAH.
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May 2024
5/20–5/22 Levitical Priesthood in the Aramaic Levi Document and Related Literature
The conference aims to analyze the literary characteristics, priestly theology, and sapiential and apocalyptic content of the Aramaic Levi Document. This document, based in part on the Book of Genesis, portrays Levi as a warrior who fought against the inhabitants of Shechem. It also depicts him as a priest ordained in both earthly and heavenly ceremonies, a student of liturgical and metrological matters, and a founder of the sapiential and apocalyptic priesthood. The conference will address the recent publication and reconstruction of the Levi Document by Józef Tadeusz Milik in Les livres des patriarches: Édition des textes, traduction et commentaire. I. Testament de Lévi. Introduction par Henryk Drawnel SDB, édité par Henryk Drawnel, SDB. EB N.S. 95. Leuven: Peeters, 2022. For further information about the conference and submission of paper proposals (approximately 300 words), please contact Henryk Drawnel at
June 2024
July 2024
7/1–7/3 The Bible and Its World: An International Academic Conference in Israel
This conference is the joint initiative of departments of Biblical Studies from universities and colleges in Israel, in cooperation with the World Union of Jewish Studies and co-sponsoring institutions from around the globe. The conference is a tribute to Israeli Bible scholars whose research was interrupted–and whose personal lives were affected by the war begun on October 7, 2023. The conference, which welcomes a variety of approaches and methodologies, will be held in person in Jerusalem.
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7/9–7/11 Worlds Above and Below: An interdisciplinary conference on Supernatural Worlds in Classics, Judaism, and Early Christianity
This conference seeks to bring the disciplines of Classics, ancient Judaism, and early Christianity together to investigate supernatural worlds, such as the underworld, heaven, or hell.
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7/15–7/18 European Association of Biblical Studies Annual Conference
The 2024 EABS Annual Conference will be held at Sofia University in Bulgaria.
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7/22–7/26 Biblical Interpretation in Diverse Communities: Methods, Perspectives, Challenges
The Centre for Contextual Biblical Interpretation at the Protestant Theological University and the Faculty of Religion and Theology of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam will offer this summer school program in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from 22 to 26 July. Examine concrete cases of Biblical interpretation across a spectrum of community contexts, challenging them to reflect on ways of studying them.
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7/23–7/27 Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas Annual Meeting
The 78th General Meeting of the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas will be held in Melbourne, Australia in July 2024. The meeting is hosted by Australian Catholic Univerity at the recently completed St. Teresa of Kolkata building on ACU’s St. Patrick’s Campus.
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7/28–8/1 SBL International Meeting
The SBL International Meeting is held annually outside North America. It provides a unique forum for international scholars who are unable to attend the North American meeting and for all who wish to engage more directly SBL's growing international membership and scholarship. This year's meeting is held at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.
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7/28–8/9 Annual ISGAP-Oxford Summer Institute for Curriculum Development in Critical Contemporary Antisemitism Studies
This intensive two-week workshop is scheduled to be held at St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford.Together, we will map, decode, and combat the current explosion of global antisemitism, contributing to the development of contemporary critical antisemitism studies as a recognized academic discipline.
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August 2024
8/5–8/7 Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense LXXIII: In Search of the Unity of the Book of Isaiah
The Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense is an annual international conference on biblical studies jointly organised by the theological faculties of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and the Université Catholique de Louvain. The meetings take place in the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at the KU Leuven and are alternately dedicated to a topic in Old and in New Testament Studies. The deadline for short paper proposals is May 15, 2024.
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September 2024
October 2024
November 2024
11/13–11/15 Third Annual Academic Symposium at Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary
Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary (SVOTS) will hold its Third Annual Academic Symposium on November 13-15, 2024. This year’s symposium, titled “I Saw the Lord (Isa 6.1): Entangled Jewish and Christian Perspectives on the Encounter with God,” gathers leading Orthodox Christian and Jewish scholars from around the world, who will reflect on the manner in which theophanic texts—biblical accounts of Divine Revelation to the patriarchs and prophets—have always been and remain foundational to their respective doctrinal and spiritual traditions.
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11/23–11/26 SBL Annual Meeting
Co-hosted by the American Academy of Religion, the SBL Annual Meeting brings together professors and students, authors and publishers, religious leaders and interested laypersons, to its venue each year. This year's meeting will be held in San Diego, CA. The call for papers will open January 24, 2024.
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December 2024
12/1 IAHR 2025 Conference Call for Papers Closes
The XXIII Quinquennial World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR), hosted by Jagiellonian University and the Polish Society for the Study of Religions, will take place in Kraków, Poland, August 24–30, 2025.
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12/15–12/19 AJS 56TH Annual Conference
The Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies is the largest annual international gathering of Jewish Studies scholars in the world. With more than 1200 attendees, over 190 sessions, a major book exhibit of leading publishers, cultural programming, plenary, and awards, the AJS annual conference provides a unique opportunity to share ideas and explore the world of Jewish Studies scholarship.
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