June 13, 2018 Newsletter
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The Gutenberg Research College (GRC) of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) has awarded the 2018 Gutenberg Research Award jointly to Professor Adela Yarbro Collins and Professor John J. Collins of Yale University. More information

Humanities Statement

Joint Statement on the Value of Liberal Education by AAC&U and AAUP

2018 National Humanities Conference

Registration for the 2018 National Humanities Conference is now open. We encourage SBL members to participate in the important dialogues and learn about the create ways our work in the humanities is brought into communities around the U.S.

Study the Humanities

The National Humanities Alliance has released a beta version of Study the Humanities, their new website featuring qualitative and quantitative data on the value of studying the humanities as an undergraduate.
After previewing the website and soliciting feedback at their Annual Meeting they are now looking for feedback from all of their members before releasing it more broadly.


Lester Grabbe's Tribute to Philip R. Davies (1945-2018)

2018 SBL Membership Report

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JSTOR Member Benefit

As part of your Society of Biblical Literature membership, save 50% on the annual JPASS plan, your personal access to the JSTOR archive. With more than 1,900 scholarly journals, JSTOR is one of the world’s leading academic databases. Millions of users worldwide rely on JSTOR for research, fact checking, and book reviews. This discounted subscription includes unlimited reading access and 120 article downloads. JSTOR adds new titles every month so you’ll have a growing collection of the world’s leading peer-reviewed journals only a click away. You must link to JSTOR from the SBL site to get the discount: login and click the membership benefits button in the welcome box.

Annual Meeting Other Events

Do you want to host an event during the Annual Meetings 2018? Other Events (previously known as Additional Meetings) is the name given to events scheduled separately from the SBL and AAR programs.  Examples of Other Events include receptions, editorial board and business meetings, and breakfast and lunch gatherings.  Click here to view space and times available to host an event.

Have you registered for the Annual Meetings 2018 to be held November 17-20 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO?  The Early Bird registration rate deadline is June 28Register before the rates increase!

International Meeting News

Register for the International Meeting. ( For best results, please register using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.)
More information on the International Meeting including the location, housing and tour options.
We hope to see you at the University of Helsinki, July 30-3 August, 2018!

Application for New International Meeting Program Units

The International Meeting Program Committee (IMPC) invites you to submit ideas for new program units by September 1. The IMPC reviews program unit proposals and renewals and evaluates the distribution of topics and sessions among program units. Proposals will be reviewed by the IMPC within the month. More information can be found here, including the criteria for review of proposals and the application form.

Available this month from SBL Press

Infancia y legalidad en el Próximo Oriente antiguo durante el Bronce Reciente (ca. 1500–1100 a. C.)
Daniel Justel

In this volume Daniel Justel examines several cuneiform texts from Late Bronze Age Mesopotamia and Syria (ca. 1500–1100 BCE) that focus on legal aspects of childhood, such as child adoptions, marriage, abortion, abandonment of children, and child slavery. Justel thoroughly analyzes the role of infants in this time period and reveals the perception that adults had of children and the role that children played in processes initiated by adults.

PaperbackHardcoverOpen Access

Sea of Readings: The Bible in the South Pacific
Jione Havea

This collection of essays edited by Jione Havea is a companion to Islands, Islanders, and the Bible (2015). In this volume, contributors focus on the relationship between biblical scholarship and the churches in the South Pacific. Essays are presented in three sections: (1) readings that twist biblical texts around insights of Pasifika novelists, composers, poets, and sages, (2) contextual readings that turn biblical texts toward Pasifika, and (3) responses by biblical critics.

PaperbackHardcoverKindleGoogle Play

ICI News

May 2018 ICI Newsletter

Books Added to the ICI Repository in May:
From Sheffield:
Bodi, Daniel eds. Abigail, Wife of David, and Other Ancient Oriental Women.
Buss, Martin J. Toward Understanding the Hebrew Canon: A Form-Critical Approach.
Ro, Johannes Unsok, editor. From Judah to Judaea: Socio-economic Structures and Processes in the Persian Period.
From SBL Press:
Stone, Michael E. Uncovering Ancient Footprints: Armenian Inscriptions and the Pilgrimage Routes of the Sinai.
From Biblos:
Daneri Rodrigo, Alicia ed. Relaciones de intercambio entre Egipto y el Mediterráneo Oriental (IV-I Milenio A.C.) Buenos Aires, Biblos, 2001.
From Universidad de Buenos Aires:
Daneri Rodrigo, Alicia & Campagno, Marcelo eds. Antiguos Contactos: Relaciones de Intercambio entre Egipto y sus periferias.

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