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2016 SBL Society Report

Jobs Report

The Jobs Report for the 2015-2016 Academic Year is now available. The report tracks employment listing data from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. While not representative of all positions in our fields, the data provide important information for employers, candidates, and those active in biblical, religious, and theological scholarship. The full report may be downloaded at Job Advertisement Data 2015-2016.

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ICI Books Posted in February

Saldarini, Anthony J. Scholastic Rabbinism: A Literary Study of the Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan. Brown Judaic Studies 14.Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1982.

Beckman, Gary. Hittite Diplomatic Texts, 2nd Edition. Writings from the Ancient World 7. Atlanta: Scholars Press 1999.

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International Meeting 2017 Call for Papers Deadline

Submit papers by 11:59 PM (23:59) EST (UTC -5) on Feb 21

Travel Grant Intent to Submit

As of December, the Annual Meeting Travel Grants were open for submission. Don’t miss this great opportunity to attend the Annual Meeting, participate in the program, and build your network with fellow scholars. March 1, 2017 is the deadline for the Intent to Submit for all prospective applicants. Just send an email to the travel grant administrator  including your name, nationality, SBL membership number and a current copy of your academic CV in PDF format. Check out the Travel Grants Webpage for more information.

SBL Award Submissions Due

Submissions for the Achtemeier, Freedman, or De Gruyter awards are due by 11:59 PM (23:59) EST on March 1st. Get yours in today!

New Books

The Panarion of Epiphanius of Salamis: Books II and III; De Fide
Frank Williams

This paperback edition of an essential Brill reference book includes Books II and III of the Panarion. This volume is chiefly concerned with the Arian, Manichaean, and other sects contemporary with Epiphanius. It thus describes the thought of the fourth century church, and includes a number of source documents, many of them found only here. Frank Williams offers the only full translation of Epiphanius in a modern language.

Paper $89.95, ISBN 9781628371673
714 pages • 2017

The Book of Genesis: Composition, Reception, and Interpretation
Craig A. Evans, Joel N. Lohr, and David L. Petersen, editors

Written by leading experts in the field, this SBL Press paperback edition of the Brill hardcover anthology offers a wide-ranging treatment of the main aspects of Genesis study. Its twenty-nine essays fall under four main sections. The first section contains studies of a more general nature, including the history of Genesis in critical study, Genesis in literary and historical study, as well as the function of Genesis in the Pentateuch. In the second portion, scholars present commentary on or interpretation of specific passages (or sections) of Genesis, as well as essays on its formation, genres, and themes. The third part includes essays on the textual history and reception of Genesis in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The final section explores the theologies of the book of Genesis, including essays on Genesis and ecology and Genesis in the context of Jewish thought.

Paper $99.95, ISBN 9781628371697
788 pages • 2017 

The Books of Kings: Sources, Composition, Historiography, and Reception
André Lemaire and Baruch Halpern

This collaborative commentary from Brill is now available in paperback from SBL Press. It explores cross-cutting aspects of Kings ranging from the analysis of its composition, historically regarded, to its transmission and reception. Ample attention is accorded sources, figures and peoples who play a part in the book. The commentary deals with Kings’ treatment in translation and role in later ancient literature. While the comments do not proceed verse by verse, the volume furnishes guidance, from contributors highly qualified to advance contemporary discussion, on the book's historical background, its literary intentions and characteristics, and on themes and motifs central to its understanding, both of itself and of the world from which it arose. This volume functions as a meta-commentary, offering windows into the secondary literature, but assembling data more fully than is the case in individual commentaries.

Paper $92.95, ISBN 9781628371703
728 pages • 2017



Extensive changes and additions render the first edition outdated
Essential for publishing in ancient Near Eastern, biblical, and early Christian studies
Definitive answers to questions of style, spelling, transliteration, and citation

Hardcover $39.95  •  ISBN 9781589839649  •  368 pages

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