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Society of Biblical Literature
The Luce Center
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As an academic guild, SBL is dedicated to our mission of fostering biblical studies “across global boundaries.” We are here to ensure the present and future development of our discipline by, among other things, promoting interest in biblical studies along with enlarging the impact of what we do as biblical scholars. With programs such as Bible Odyssey, SBL helps to encourage biblical literacy and demonstrates the importance of biblical studies to the general public. By investing in biblical studies as a discipline, SBL’s benefits go far beyond the limits of its membership.

Having said that, the work of our Society is dependent not only on the work of its staff, but also on the work of its members. Many of you—in fact, over a thousand of you—volunteer in different ways (e.g., serving on SBL committees, annual meeting or international meeting program units, editorial boards) to make the Society work. Through your participation, service, and support, we work together as stewards of our discipline to advance its mission by providing venues to facilitate knowledge production and dissemination, as well as by offering opportunities for personal and professional development. Biblical studies as a discipline and one’s individual development as a biblical scholar might not depend on the SBL for survival, but they would most certainly be impoverished without it.
I am glad that you are here. It is my hope that our website will help you either engage for the first time, or become a more active member of SBL.
Tat-siong Benny Liew
Interim Executive Director


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